Pink Noise

by Age of Endarkenment

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Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate!

The Age of Enlightenment ends now as the species returns to the shadows of the next dark age! DSBP is proud to present the first album of recorded material from the industrial-metal band Age of Endarkenment,"Pink Noise". "Pink Noise" is a return to form for Jim and Dez Wicked (members of Whore and Diverje), focusing on the grungy and nastier side of industrial metal. "Pink Noise" is a tale of a human species seeking redemption from gods long gone set to a soundtrack of destructive guitars, dense synthetic atmospheres, and a pounding rhythmic noise that serves as a death-march into human apocalypse. "Pink Noise" features the artistic talents of Esther Groves (artist for HexRX) and additional blasphemies from Scream Machine. AoE is for fans of BILE, VELVET ACID CHRIST, FEAR FACTORY, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, and SKINNY PUPPY. The existential dread is over, bring on the extinction!


released March 11, 2016

The Accused:
Heresies and Blasphemies - James Wicked
Infernal Noise - Dez Wicked

Documented and sewn together throughout the year of our lord, two-thousand fifteen.

Lamentations on “Pink Noise” - Sindelle Morte of Scream Machine
Indecent Conjuration to Our Lord on “The Corruption of Innocence” - Mother Wicked

Illustrated Map of Hell - Esther Groves
Warning Signs - Christophe Szpajdel

With Sympathies:
The DSBP Crew, Aimee, Tommy T and Diverje, Laura, Megan, Mother and Father Wicked, Vision (wherever the fuck you are), Cos and Sin of Scream Machine, Farmer, Cynthia, Esther, Chuck, Gearslutz, Astroboy, VS-Planet, Sphincter, Muff Wiggler, and an extra special thank you to Morpheus for the many inspirations and contributions to this work of fiction.

The Story so Far:
Whore is dead. Long live Whore! Pink Noise is an attempt to get back to our roots. This racket was made using super cheap instruments on a hardware recorder. It’s still not quite Null, but it’s a lot closer than the last few attempts. We’re proud of this shit and you should be, too. It’s the beginning of a new age, after all...



all rights reserved


Age of Endarkenment Harker Heights, Texas

So why the name change? Whore was a moniker that was autobiographical, but it was descriptive of a different me. So what's left for the old Whore? Bitter resentment toward the species. Loathing. A fascination with the way deities come and go throughout history. Now that the Enlightenment is over, a new age has arrive; an Age of Endarkenment. ... more

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Track Name: Second Hand Rebellion
This skin is not our own.
Our prayers have no words.
Action without meaning behind it.
We are dreamers, but where are our dreams?
Knife scrapes the bottom and comes up dry.
Fork to flesh and gun to head.
Revolution without purpose
What belief do you stand for?

Is this rebellion?
Or is this capitalism?
Cash to weapon and weapon in hands.

Face down and hands out!

Put your ear to the ground now.
The voices of dissent rising.
Filling your head with whispers
An occupation of the grave.
Change is the last thing that you need.
Reform in your pursuit of liberty.
Too many freedoms tie you down.
Stand for reason; Stand alone!

Incite to riot!
Break down walls in your mind.
This has all been said and done before!
A cry for attention in a sea of apathy.

We need tyranny!
Track Name: Perpetually Pregnant
Weaponize your species,
An armament of sex.
Flood the land with disease,
Drowning in amniotic fluid.
A plague of breeding begins,
Two-thousand years of agony.
Sowing the seeds of destruction.
Save the planet from yourself.

Learning to resent humanity,
Watching in terror as they eat themselves... death.

Piles of fetuses collapsing.
Stacks of babies smother the earth.
Metamorphosis of the monster.
Transfigured innocence to evil.
Solutions designed to destroy.
Cessation of a breeding nightmare.

Population out of control,
Spiraling down the drain of our future!

Over population, fighting for air.
A pale blue dot now turning to black.
Venomous birthing and the snakes take over.
Devour the milk so others may starve.

Slither away...
Track Name: Blind Sun
All things are invisible,
The stars burn into existence.
Photo-electric injection,
Set retreats to his temple.
Archaic machine revolves,
Spreading its fires into space.
Jumpstarting all of life,
Can you see the chaos wrought?

Immune to time.
The moment of death,
Your breath is infinite.

Timeless like the void,
The flames leap across the system.
Lapping at the face of the earth.
Salivating for the meat inside.
A burial shroud for our future,
Sealed inside the searing flesh.
Generations of plague emerged,
Do you see the monster you made?

Helios created an abomination!
A sun that promotes the creature.
Vengeance and hatred breed,
Where the light shines you'll find the beast.
Destruction reigns predominantly,
Crushing the earth beneath its feet.
An end we pray for from Kali,
May the planet be free from...

Turn the light off!
Let other stars burn brighter than the sun!
Track Name: Saints with No Eyes
If you are the night, then I am the blood spilt.
Forever means nothing if the flower is left alone to wilt.
A soul devoured by comfort, consumed in tranquility.
The dance of naked spines dressed up in masks of civility.

The safe man smothers the fire, as fear designs the desire.

What did the saints see when they envisioned virtue?
Surely they have no eyes!

Buried deep in the sky, a touch, a texture, a taste...
Remembrance, the bitter bite, empty words distort and waste.
Writhing and twisting, desolation awake in the beast.
Cessation: Deprived of breath, the hottest fire hurts the least.

Not even Jesus could find redemption.

Buried hands,
Eternal they grasp,
Reaching for,
The faintest sense.
Blessings from,
The saints that have no eyes...
Track Name: Battering Ram

I invoke thy power.
Blessed art thou infinite wrath!
Banish the forked tongue,
Thy judgment is absolute.
Conquer this realm in the name of justice.
With steel you bring the quiet.
Crimson flowers in the garden,
The chains of death: Merciless bond!

Burn the earth!

Fingers divide grains of sand,
A line etched into the dust.
Till the soil with fire.
Scorch the world with shit.
The rope laps the neck,
The body falls through the ash.
With grace and dignity we kneel,
The grave takes us with open arms!

In silence we beg for mercy,
Your vengeful love is pure.
Calling out to Scylla,
As we drown together, betrayed!
Plague and famine for treachery.
Sealed with a kiss, the mark of the end.
The gates to the labyrinth flung open,
The prison of Daedalus consumes...

Minos! Lend me thy blindfold!
Track Name: Mechanicunt
The beast with seven eyes:
A god unworthy of praise.
Lying under sheets of ash.
Spoken in languages of broken glass.
The beast takes a bride:
Shedding tears for abandoned stars.
Hollow machines stitched together,
Consumed by the violence we called love.

The beast has no eyes!

The beast returns from the night,
A seal is broken and blood is spilled.
Tearing skin reveals the dirt,
Mud and shit build the monster.
The beast sheds its flesh:
Ice and fire coexist,
Filth becomes chaos.
Soot and hair and god and darkness.

The beast has no mouth!

Prepare yourself for fire!
Brace your eyes for death!
Steady the hands for murder!
Holding still for the end!

The beast has no face!

Lord Set, prepare your dead!
Track Name: Organ Farm
Resist the urge to live,
Bite the hand from the creature.
What purpose is the flame?
If it is to be snuffed out?
Mechanical in design,
Organic in nature.
When the machine drops dead,
The parts are scavenged.

Who decides who dies?
Dead men have so much to say!

Faulty wiring in the system.
A particularly fatal flaw!
Nothing but a chassis.
A carriage for the pieces.
The deceased have spoken:
The verdict is guilty.
Eyes full of decay,
Dead hearts filled with rage!

If you're already dead,
Why does it matter to you?
Selfish existence and faulty beliefs,
Thus the dead become murderers...

Kill the dead!
Track Name: Prayer for Nonexistence (Vehement pt. 2)
Prayers to Lilith go unanswered,
So tonight I pray to myself:

I wish the sun would stop,
Maybe then we could find solace.
As the days come to an end,
I'd spend the night holding your hand.
As the cold consumes the earth,
Eternity enters the soul.
The planet an infinite graveyard,
I'd be so happy there with you.

Fade into the night,
The dark will keep us safe.
If only we weren't real,
I'd be imaginary with you.

So sick of the waiting,
Let's cease to exist now.
In unreality we'd be together,
A fire encased in ice.
Such endless eyes...
I'd happily drown in you.
I'd let my soul fade,
For a minute alone with you.

My thoughts are feeling numb,
Nihilistic fantasies.
The lepers learned to love,
The twilight their reality.
Voices telling lies inside,
The dust will never settle.
The moment of decay,
And the candle bursts into flames.

Succumb to the dreams of being dead,
As long as it's with you.
Track Name: Masticated Angels
The bittersweet suffering,
The mask of Melpomene invoked!
Conceal your voice, hide the flame.
Tragedy now becomes you.
After the end, become nothing.
Stories of boundless love.
The tower left incomplete,
Stories of endless hate.


Priestess of Aphrodite!
And the lad of Abydos,
Come across the ocean,
Come away with me.
The wind blows out the candle,
Find ourselves forever lost at sea.
Come away with me.
Come and drown with me...


Orpheus! Where are you my love!?
Dragged to hell by Aristaeus's snake!
Charon's cruel call claiming my soul.
Hades relents, release me!
Begging to Persephone to let us pass,
Eternal is the grasp of Cerberus.
Don't look back, Orpheus!
Murdered by Dionysis...

Track Name: And Then the Worms Came
Roses fall to the headstone,
A future written in ashes.
Fantastic flights of fancy.
Behind you lingers limbo.
Ghosts dancing in your eyes,
Darkness concealed by a shroud.
Ropes and lies bind you to the past,
The end was the only way out!

And then the worms came...

Aphrodite sheds a tear for us.
Anteros is slain by Pothos.
Eros kneels before death,
To offer his flesh to Minos!

Forever is a long time,
Too long for this facade.
The parade of souls begins,
Flesh begets flesh through desire.
The eyes prize what the heart rejects.
The sadistic design of the spirit.
Purge the child from your arms,
Drown it in a sea of lust.

Cupid must have scars for eyes,
His actions are forever barbaric.
Where fire gives way to time,
The cruel design of the machine.
Find the man behind the curtain,
There revealed will be a liar.
Do you remember the bad times?
Or were they burned from your eyes?
Track Name: When We Got to Hell
Divide the flesh in twine
Piece together the shattered glass
Divine from existence the death of God
Sewn together the palms now pray
The shattered hands grasp for sand
A peace so vile and timeless
The skin displayed on a tattered sky
Destined to perish in the glimmer of your eye

Give me divinity or give me flesh.

Though the sounds of contempt contort the mind
Eternity released in a lapse of regret
Sit in silence disturbed
Agony paraded and disguised as hope

Dripping Black Fungus of Love

There's nothing left to hope for and nothing left to dream about.
When we got to hell, this is what we found.
Track Name: Confession in the Dark
The vile tongue caresses the lips of god,
Tastes like deception, tastes like despair.
Wrapped in a shroud, in a blanket of dirt.
Buried in the dark, I won't ever forget you...

Why don't we dream anymore?

Come prey with me, come lie with me.
I'll swallow your agony, in exchange for more.
Black roses growing from between our eyes.
I hunger for the stars, the void living in you.

Why don't we dream anymore?

In all things we've found the blackness inside.
A texture, a touch, a strand.
Torment devised for the infinite.
Collapsed, burned and distrusted!

Control the beast that decides to die alone,
Forgiveness etched in flesh and blood.
What wicked ways we found to survive!
Cessation of sensation, for the sake of repetition.

I know why we don't dream anymore...

But I don't wanna be your stupid little savior anymore!
Track Name: The Corruption of Innocence (Christian Death Cover)
I don’t want your fucking god.
I don’t need your fucking god.
He just wants to fuck me just like you fuck me!

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Christian Death, I will fear no evil!
Track Name: Pink Noise
This isn't what I imagined,
Surrounded on all sides by the grave.
This isn't how I saw it ending,
Drowning in my mistakes.
Let the waves come down upon me,
As the ocean swallows me whole,
I’m left here calling out to Kali,
"When does my penance begin?"

Let's just fall apart, in silence, if we may…